This is a film about a sting that was counter-stung. . . . A scheme to discredit a highly credentialed vaccine industry investigator that backfired on  SHOWTIME, Penn Jillette and Raymond Teller, their show Penn & Teller’s Bullshit! and their mob bosses who control nearly everything including your life choices and options in health care.


In this documentary, Dr. Leonard Horowitz, a YouTube favorite, and investigative journalist Sherri Kane, armed with documents, props, and a film crew, expose SHOWTIME’s network executives in partnerships with the most powerful drug industrialists, proving Penn & Teller are more than celebrated opportunists. They serve BigPharma as media propagandists--PHARMAWHORES!

This film documents the way mainstream media works to change public opinions and perceptions about everything Wall Street and its “mob bosses” deem important.

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Stinging Bullshit!

This counter-sting began when SHOWTIME senior producer, David Wechter, plotted to defame Harvard-trained public health expert and vaccine industry critic, Dr. Leonard Horowitz, for endorsing OxySilver—a natural antibiotic and vaccine alternative—secreted by drug companies competing for lucrative infectious disease markets.

Dr. Horowitz, the Editor-in-Chief of Medical Veritas (Medical Truth) journal, and FOX News defector, Sherri Kane, had been investigating BigPharma for months, exposing the conflicting interests of media executives by revealing their investments in powerful partnerships backing risky new drugs, deadly vaccines, and the propaganda needed to sell them.

As a drug industry whistleblower and veteran humanitarian, the award-winning doctor and filmmaker became concerned about media propaganda affecting health care reform, public perceptions about natural medicines, and the suppression of low-cost highly-effective methods of healing and preventing diseases far less risky or costly than drugs and vaccines.

During the H1N1 pandemic scandal, Dr. Horowitz led the world in evidencing the false and misleading claims made by the mainstream media whose moguls are partnered with drug industrialists.

In previous works, Ms. Kane had exposed documentary film-maker Michael Moore for taking production money from the billionaire industrialists he condemns. Kane exposed Moore’s film SICKO and Capitalism: A Love Story, as films for “controlled opposition.” Controlling opposition through infiltrating activist groups, discrediting them, or tempering their messages, is a common ploy used to distract and persuade people and obscure the financial dealings of behind-the-scene bosses.

Horowitz and Kane prove in PHARMAWHORES that the networks are likewise controlled, even when producing so called “objective programs” critical of the status quo. Their treatment of Penn & Teller serves as stellar example of activism against mind manipulation that the Bullshit-artists provide on behalf of BigPharma. This feature-length docu-comedy provides amazing, shocking, and ironically humorous edutainment.

Dr. Leonard Horowitz and Sherri Kane wearing “Redstone-Murdoch Whores: Penn & Teller” tee shirts signed by the Bullshit celebrities before hidden cameras--among several props used to send SHOWTIME producer’s fleeing the scene of their busted sting.

More About the Film

According to SHOWTIME promoters, Penn & Teller are “crusaders” that “utilize principles of magic and trickery, as well as good old fashioned ‘hidden camera’ sting operations, to smoke out nonsense peddlers and reveal how they operate.” Victims include alternative medicine doctors, organic food advocates, yogis, dervishes, televangelists, and others that Penn profanes as “f_cking zealots and cult leaders.”

In one episode, the ‘BS’ artists condemn lesser evils for foiling the World Trade Center (WTC) reconstruction project. Horowitz and Kane evidence Penn’s accusations as criminally conspicuous. During the “unfortunate delay” in WTC reconstruction, NYC insiders funneled $11 billion into Las Vegas’s premier attraction, The City Center. The evidence indicts JPMorganChase partners and famous persons that control MGM and far more. . . . More than you would ever believe!

Penn, a rabid atheist, challenges believers in God, Moses, Jesus and opponents of video gaming who express genuine concern about aggression in children’s television. PharmaWhores shows the matching theology of aggression of network bosses using video-gaming as military training; their mind-manipulating media pushes society into psychopathology (i.e., psycho-social engineering). The aggressions and war promotions featured in Penn & Teller’s acts reflect their mob bosses’ corporate investments, helping to explain why SHOWTIME’s Bullshit blasts pacifists and wins Emmy Awards.

Horowitz and Kane ask the question, “Who does Penn & Teller really work for? Who pay’s their salaries, sponsors their promotions, provides their Rio Hotel & Casino theater; and who or what are conflicting interests in their bosses’ hidden partnerships and ‘private equity investments?’”

The answers in this documentary are absolutely shocking!  The revelation of who sets Penn & Teller’s programming objectives is politically explosive.

SHOWTIME’s weekly “Bullshit” series makes a mockery of its “guests” for advancing anything that challenges those who control geopolitics. The psycho-social agendas the media controllers use to advance globalism and global conflicts are made obvious in this film.

Bullshit’s backers include the wealthiest movers and shakers--JPMorgan/Chase, GoldmanSachs; the entertainment monopolists directing National Amusement and Kolberg. Kravitz & Roberts [KKR]); health care reformers including Jay Rockefeller, and brother David who is partnered with KKR executives who control everything from CVS Stores to Merck & Co.

This documentary, PharmaWhores: The SHOWTIME Sting of Penn & Teller, is now in post-production and is scheduled for a April 15, 2010 release.


What Real People Are Saying . . .

“LOL... Hey Doc, i think you just gave them a taste of their medicine without a prescription! nyuck nyuck nycuk!! LOL what a great vid. . . .”  santi781

“Penn and Teller, they are good on some issues and obviously bought off on some issues. I immediately knew they were going to try and make you guys look like idiots. They did that with people who want to eat organic food and not GMO crap, that's how i immediately knew Penn and Tellers bullshit was bullshit.”  bdc03

“[Penn and Teller are] 1st class creeps and con-merchants whose lives revolve around money who couldnt tell the truth if they were paid - these media favourites for obese beer swilling armchair tv addicts all have "Full of S**t " awards coming out of their tukas - lock these cheats up!”  butlincat1

“Maybe Dr Horowitez can take on Myth Busters Next.. lol

Great Work Buddy!”  JustLiveITtv

“Funny shit. Who’s that chick who’s always with the doc?”  choopdewoot

“P&T knows which side their bread is buttered. They will only report what their corporate masters tell them to. This is nothing new, but it was GREAT to see you expose them for who they are. Go get'em Dr. Len!”  gli96187

“I have met Penn and he is a pompous ass. Dr. Len did a great job here lobbing the ball back in their court. The days of the sarcastic know it all media whores will be drawing to a close soon and I can not wait. Go back to doing ren fairs P&T.” SLYGARR

“There ya go doc.......thankz.......theres more than one way to bullshit a bullshiter!........”  anchor425

“This is soooo brilliant. They called me and asked if I would like to do the show and i said it would be better to call you! I warned them that if they tried to do this show they would be humiliated. You proved me right!!! Thanks. By the way, this is Susan, i interviewed you for the WakeUpProject radio show. This has made me soooooo happy. Blessings to you!!!” quantumsolutions

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This film is produced as a public service thanks to generous contributions provided by supporters of Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz; people who support,, and     

Copyright restrictions waived with proper attributions.

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